Workshops and Individual Training

Do you always understand and effectively use all the performance information available to you?

As you progress through a career path towards senior management or business ownership, you are required and expected to have increasing understanding of financial management and reporting in order to run your team or company.  These skills do not always come naturally.

With improved understanding of your data you will be able to unlock the potential of your business and improve financial health and stability.


As an experienced yet approachable management accountant used to working within both large multinationals and smaller independent businesses, Sheila Bury is able to demystify the process of running the finances and give clarity to what can appear an overwhelming amount of data.

Cotbury Consultancy runs regular workshops covering many areas including “Pricing your Work”, “Improving Profitability” and “Creating a Budget” and can tailor them upon request for individuals or teams.  Training can also be provided on a one-to-one basis where help is required to understand and regain control over your business finances in a low pressure environment.

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