Strategic Plans, Forecasts and Budgets

The most successful journeys usually involve a map. You get there quicker, you make less wrong turns and you use less fuel.

Successful businesses use budgets and plans for the same reasons but many business owners do not know where to start with this process.
Investing a small amount of time in this process can pay massive dividends in the long run as strategic goals can be identified and proper plans can be put in place to ensure they are reached.  By monitoring yourself against these plans with a quarterly review it is possible to identify whether the business is performing as expected and helps prevent nasty cash flow crunches or inability to fulfill demand.

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At Cotbury we really enjoy talking to you about the short and long term goals of your business and helping you create proper, affordable costed out models to help you achieve your dreams.

Whether you want a one off discussion or a regular review with updated forecasts, Cotbury Consultancy is able to provide clear, easy to understand financial models bespoke to your business and your goals.

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