Meet Sheila

Sheila Bury BSc ACMA is an experienced finance professional interested in helping businesses in Reading and across the Thames Valley maximise their performance.

As a qualified management accountant with experience working with managers both in multinational companies and owner managed businesses, she knows that the one thing they all have in common is the need for timely, accurate and understandable information.  Whether people are starting a new company or growing an existing business a sound understanding of their finances is essential and their management information needs to be free from jargon and unnecessary complications.

Cotbury Consultancy was launched to provide flexible, commercial and cost effective accountancy support and advice after identifying that many business owners and entrepreneurs with good ideas and strong marketing skills often felt overwhelmed in this area.

By showing business managers and owners how to look at their numbers meaningfully she helps them to understand how the company is performing and create robust plans to make informed decisions and generate maximum returns.

When Sheila is not busy generating spreadsheets she can often be found standing next to a hockey or rugby pitch watching her three teenage sons, taking long walks up on the Ridgeway with her husband and dogs or industriously digging weeds in the garden.

Cotbury Consultancy specialises in:

  • Coaching business owners and managers to have the confidence to use their numbers and make informed decisions
  • Helping Start-Ups create robust financial plans for potential investors
  • Cash Maximisation – planning and understanding cash flow cycles
  • Profitability Analysis – identifying inefficiencies and understanding profit margins
  • Growth Strategy – identifying underperforming products/sectors/customers/outlets to maximise potential
  • Creating clear and precise management reports
  • Strengthening financial controls and processes
  • Supporting and supplementing existing finance functions during times of change
  • Financial Planning and Analysis ( FP&A) – including budgets, cash flow forecasts and business strategy
  • Identifying & monitoring key performance drivers (KPIs)
  • Providing a commercial sounding board for regular or one-off business reviews

With her commercial experience, friendly professional manner and peculiar love of Excel spreadsheets she is ready to provide clarity to your business financials and help you in your decision making.

Contact us at to book a no obligation consultation to find out how we can help your business.