Enhanced Reporting and KPI’s

“Yes, I do get regular reports from my accountant, but I don’t look at them as I don’t really understand them”.

When you are running a business, you have to collect a lot of financial information for your accountant in order to pay your staff correctly and comply with tax laws.  This takes time and effort and provides a mine of information about how your business is performing but so many people do not know how to interpret the data or use it to run their business more effectively and profitably.

Enhanced reporting

At Cotbury we are experienced at taking this impenetrable list of numbers and presenting it in a way that makes sense to you and helps you keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.

KPIs – What are they?  Key Performance Indicators

These are the key metrics that drive activity and performance of your business.  They may be financial (monthly sales) or they may be non- financial (number of customers through the door).  Knowing what to measure and manage without getting bogged down in detail is the key to running your business efficiently and maximizing profits.


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